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USFG Faceting Symposium the 2023 frolic! with 7 different machines running demos daily, some amazing presentations by the biggest names in Faceting! All this followed by the “Hobnob” faceter’s dinner and stone contest! , Feb 2,3,4 2023

And then there were two!

Our shipping department sending out another full package V5!

Full package, laps, wax, loupe, gem holder, display boxes, extra dops, and of course a little rough thrown in free to get started! 

Oh the Joy of unwrapping a new V5!

Carnelian from New Mexico

Amethyst prevents drunkenness??

I love to cut obsidian!

Tucson, my home.

Tucson is not only my home but it’s where I learned about stones and how to facet. Faceting has been on my list for over two decades. I was intimidated by the seeming complexity and all those numbers!  Now I see that it’s really very simple, and I love learning from my mistakes, which are fairly frequent!  Every mistake is a stepping stone!  Join me in this journey, it’s easier than you think, and incredibly fun!  You will meet some fascinating people, see gems in a whole new light and create sparking wonders from rough stones you probably already own!



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