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Faceting events and workshops are back in swing!! Contact us about learning to facet in a two day workshop on our machine or yours!! 520-907-5527

 Is faceting your passion, or are you

dreaming about learning

to facet  gemstones?

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Either way,

Faceters Paradise

is your Tucson area Faceters supply destination for

the full  line of

Ultra Tec faceting machines.

From the flagship model with digital display (dad).

Prices are scheduled to go up July 1 2023  please get your order to me asap to get best price!

David -520-907-5527


$5290.00 USD


to the entry level VL, 

$3,495.00 – $3,995.00 with DAD (recommended)


the Glass Tec is for you glass enthusiasts 

Glasstec $7,499.00

the Fantasy machine is for executing mind blowing designs with ease. 


Come visit us at 355 E Ft Lowell Rd.  Tucson AZ, 85705   or give me a call at 520-907-5527 today.

You can order your machine, or supplies by visiting our online shop here:
We also are a full line Gearloose polishing systems dealer. All the laps (Batt, Ba5t, tin+, Zinc +, Darkside, greenway, and all the PCD diamond pandemonium sticks, all at factory price!!

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Crystalite dealer selling laps, diamond powder, diamond spray, triple ripple drill bits and anything else, shipped right to your door. Lightning laps? Yes we are a dealer for lightning as well so let’s get started! We have everything you need, wax, loupes, gem grabbers and display boxes. 

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Our V5 machines and the Fantasy machine will be arriving Every two weeks during 2023. due to demand for these machines only those orders paid will be given priority to obtain a machine once they arrive, lead times vary, expect 16 weeks for production.